Skateboard Gears, Wheels, Accessories & Clothing Guide

If you’re planning to become a skateboarder or need new gear in general, you definitely need the right skateboard gear to fuel your need for the sport. After all, you can’t exactly start skateboarding without having the right gear to keep yourself safe on the road.

What’s the most essential skateboard gear that you’re going to need to start skateboarding? To start skateboarding, here are some of the things you’re going to need:

  • A skateboard, priced reasonably in your price range but not too cheap. Cheaper boards are considered a safety hazard for a reason.
  • Safety gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, gloves and elbow pads. Some consider the latter safety gear optional, but it’s always good to at least have them on hand.
  • Skateboard parts, such as the board itself, trucks (the axles) and the wheels. For when you need to perform a quick repair or want to overhaul your entire board.
  • Skateboarding clothing, like shirts, caps, tees, pants and, most importantly, shoes. Although the former apparel are entirely options, it’s always to best to get a brand of good and resilient skateboarding shoes, since skateboarding can really do a number of your current pair of kicks.

Getting the right skateboard gear is a good idea for the following reasons—for starters, if you don’t have the right safety gear, you could end up getting injured. The most important piece of safety gear you should have first is a helmet, followed by knee pads and then a good brand of skateboarding shoes.

You’ll also want to get good and reliably made skateboarding gear—and not just the first cheap brand you can buy when starting out. Trust me, if it’s under a certain amount, the materials used in the product may not be of the best quality.