How Does Skateboarding Help Your Body?


A lot of people have no idea that skateboarding actually does so much good for you. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to skateboard, or maybe it’s because they’ve had a bad experience with someone who was skating.

However, in this article we will lay out those benefits and hopefully convince those non-believers!

You may wonder why I’m talking about skateboarding and not surfing.

Well, the main reason is because of my experience with both sports. In this article we will be looking at how different your muscles are used in each sport, as well as explaining a few differences between them!

Skateboarding: The Big 3 Muscles Used

The Big 3 are the muscles that you use the most when skateboarding. You should be able to feel these in your legs!

Hamstrings: Your hamstrings are the muscles on the back of your thigh, right above your knee cap. These are used constantly when you’re skating because you are bending at your knees. The more you bend your knees, the more you are using your hamstrings.

Quads: Your quads are at the front of your thigh. They connect to your hip bone and go down towards your knee cap. These muscles are constantly being used when you’re skating because you are on one foot, as well as pushing with that foot into the board.

Calves: The calves, or ‘calves’, are at the back of your lower leg – below your knee cap and above your ankle bone. They are used when pushing off with your skateboard to go faster, as well as when you bend down low and pick something up.

Surfing: How Is It Different?

Surfing is a little bit different, but the biggest noticeable difference is how you are using your arms. For example, there’s no pushing off when going faster (unless you want to fall!) and your arm muscles are used in a very different way. Your core muscles are also used differently because of the wave; this means that you

Can you get in shape from skateboarding?

In order to skateboard, one must be in a state of high mobility, which is akin to being fit. So the answer is Yes, skateboarding can help you to get in shape.

Keep in mind that different types of skating will give you different exercising benefits – for example, street skating requires bursts of speed and elevation from rolling onto curbs or “pumping” the board up and over cracks in the pavement.

Other common modes are jedi grinds (a type of freestyle) longboarding, pool sliding and surfing using ramps or homemade boards designed for pools and beaches respectively.

Regardless of your discipline your heart rate will increase during use so movement is constant without breaks much like with any other sport which deserves consideration when looking at it’s overall effects on physical fitness.

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