Best Black Skateboarders

Skateboarding has been a popular pastime for many years and today black skaters are becoming more prominent.

Here are our list of the Top Black Skater highlights how far people have come in breaking down racial barriers when it comes to leisure activities like skateboarding.

Darren Harper


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With a new level of fame and attention, Harper has been shattering stereotypes as he tours the world.

The 29 year-old DC native is an integral part in bringing skateboarding closer to mainstream audiences through his broadcast show on Viceland “King of Content” which showcases some of America’s best innovators pushing boundaries for themselves and others like him.

DC-bred skaterboarder, Justin ‘Harper’ Alexopoulos from North Carolina recently found amazing success in the skating world after starting out with small street competitions back home at age 14.

One day while watching MTV Cribs where Tony Hawk gave viewers an inside look into what it was like to be rich growing up (a dream come true) Harper decided that being rich would make life easier.

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